Hello, Children of the Night, and welcome to the official webpage of The Tormentors! I'll be your host as you venture into the darkness. Take my hand, you'll be safe. Oh, you want to know about me first? Well, if you insist; my name is Jack Phoenix. I live in Central Ohio, studied English literature and religion at Otterbein University, and enjoy all things dark and deranged. Not good enough? You want to know more? Well, why not take a direct peek into my twisted persona by reading my debut novel "The Tormentors" from Damnation Books? We have everything you need right here, so visit this page again for updates. And don't forget, deranged as it may be, proceeds from the sale of this novel will go to a good cause, so tell your friends, tell your folks, tell your grandmothers!

Available Now in digital and paperback

Roderick Whithers is guilty, now he must face his demons. A tale of madness, monsters, and misogyny, The Tormentors tells the story of a prosperous family man who is plagued by three hellish women only he can see. As his mind begins to unravel, Roderick's desperate wife Elizabeth seeks the answers to her husband's ailment, which may lay buried in his dark past. Are these demons of Roderick's vengeful spirits or avenging angels? Elizabeth must uncover the truth to save Roderick's mind and end his crazed rampage.

Royalties from the book will be donated to A Friend's House and the Ohio Domestic Violence Network.

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